Cold Block

We provide safe and reliable Cold Block solution engineered for your brewery. Together with our partner Bucher Unipektin, beer filtration specialist, we build a complete new Cold Block, or upgrade, expand and modernize the existing plant.

No matter if it´s Manual, Semiautomatic or Automatic system, you will always receive an excellent technology increasing the efficiency of your operation from its first day of use.

A typical Cold Block includes following production operations:

  • Yeast plant & Beer recovery
  • Fermentation & Maturation Cellar
  • Filtration & Bright beer Cellar
  • Water Deaeration & Blending
  • CIP

We are strong, single source and highly qualified supplier for your Cold Block equipment:

  • Yeast propagation, recovery and pitching
  • Spent yeast
  • Beer recovery
  • Beer filtration and stabilization
  • Deaerated water production, storage and distribution
  • Blending
  • Carbonation
  • Nitrogenation
  • Additive dosing
  • BBT and CCT
  • CIP for unfiltered and filtered area
  • Automation


Automatic Unit

Air / Oxygen is injected into the wort through DENWEL Injector, which splits the gas into micro bubbles. Most efficient and instant saturation of the gas is achieved with only a minimal pressure drop, no gas loss and fully hygienic design. No static mixer or sinter candles needed.

  • Micro bubble size
  • Instant saturation
  • O2 analyzer controlled

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Propagation, Storage, Pitching

Vital yeast propagation in one or multiple propagation vessels under sterile conditions. Gently homogenizing and optimizing aeration. Yeast harvest, treatment and storage. Precise yeast pitching. Yeast autolysis and yeast disposal vessels.

  • Various yeast strains
  • Flexible design
  • Highest hygienic standard

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Automatic Unit

The Deaeration Lantern safely transfers beverage from cellar to filter, or BBT to filling line and removes air automatically. Flowing through the lantern, air bubbles are released from beer and vented out by pneumatic valve. Whe the connected tank slowly becomes empty, the beer flow is automatically reduced and air pickup is minimized. The lantern reconnects the next full tank. This way several tanks can be connected at the same time.

  • Safe beverage transfer
  • Automatic air removal
  • Minimized extract losses

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Kieselguhr / PVPP Preparation

Compact Unit

The Kieselguhr / PVPP Preparation and Deaeration vessel is equipped with DENWEL axial agitator. High speed is applied for fast homogenization and deaeration of the suspension. Once the required parameters are reached, the agitator speed slows down for significant energy saving.  A single CO2 inlet aligned to the stirrer blades ensures the highest stripping efficiency and low gas consumption.

  • Final Oxygen below 30 ppb
  • CO2 / N 2 and energy savings
  • Safe and hygienic design

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Compact Unit

The Compact Dosing Unit provides continuous dosing of one, or more additives into beverage, water or cleaning solution. A precise dosing rate is controlled by proces analytics or volume / mass flow measurement. Additives are dosed from homogenizing vessels.

  • Full capacity range
  • Vessels with stirrer
  • Precise and reliable dosing

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Automatic Unit

The Carboblender provides precise and reliable Extract/Alcohol concentration adjustment and carbonation of Beer or Cider at one process step. Inline proces analytics guarantees very high accuracy.

  • Instant CO2 saturation
  • Sophisticated multiple valves control
  • Alcohol/Extract and CO2 analyzers controlled

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Water deaeration

Column Cold Unit

The Deaeration unit is designed for efficient and reliable water deaeration under atmospheric conditions. The column is filled with a structured packing enabling a large internal surface which allows stripping out the Oxygen to levels below 10 ppb.

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Column Cold Vacuum Unit

The deaeration column operates under vacuum, decreasing gas solubility in water. Therefore striping gas consumption is significantly lower compared to the unit working under atmospheric pressure. Final Oxygen concentration is less than 10 ppb.

  • Final Oxygen below 10 ppb
  • Carbonation of Deaerated Water
  • Energy efficient

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Column Hot Unit

The Deaeration unit is designed for efficient and reliable deaeration of water, including water disinfection. Water is heated up to high temperature and after deaeration chilled back to very low temperature. Energy recuperation up to 95% is reached. Oxygen to levels below 10 ppb.

  • Final Oxygen below 10 ppb
  • Heat recovery up to 95%
  • Compact short column

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Membrane Unit

The membrane contactor contains thousands of microporous hydrophobic hollow fibers. The CO2 / N2 is applied on the inside of the hollow fibers and pulled out by vacuum. The high difference in partial pressure forces the Oxygen out of the liquid phase.

  • Final Oxygen below 10 ppb
  • Water prefiltration
  • Expandable capacity

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Inline Nitrogenation

Automatic Unit

The Inline Automatic Nitrogenation Unit is designed for continuous nitrogenation of beverages, where a continuous N2 analyzer controls gas injection and the required N2 concentration is always maintained. The N2 is injected into the beverage through DENWEL injector, which splits the gas into micro bubbles.Most efficient and instant dissolutin of N2 is achieved with only a minimal pressure drop, no gas loss and a fully hygienic design.  

  • Micro bubble size
  • Improved foam stability
  • N2 analyzer controlled

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Inline Nitrogenation

High Concentration Unit

The Inline High Concentration Nitrogenation Unit provides efficient beverage Nitrogenation using hydrophobic hollow fiber membranes with final Nitrogen concentration up to 80 ppm. The first  membrane contactor is used to remove CO2, while the second dissolves N2 into  beer. Configuration of membrane contactors depends on capacity and required Nitrogen concentration.

  • Creamy head, avalanche effect
  • Long-lasting foam stability
  • Efficient and precise Nitrogen control

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flash pasteurization

Automatic Unit

The Flash Pasteurization Automatic Unit is designed for safe, precise and reliable heating of beverages. While reducing pathogenic microorganisms, uniform and gentle treatment is applied to maintain the original taste and appearance of beverage.

  • Gentle and precise heat treatment
  • Consistent Pasteurization
  • Heat recovery up to 96%

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The CIP Plant provides multiple lines for cleaning of pipes, tanks and process technology. Custom vessels setup (insulation, volume, size). Simultaneous concentrates dosing. Automatic CIP sequencing with defined temperature, flow or pressure.

  • Flexible design
  • Automatic CIP sequencing
  • Product safety and cleaning performance

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